Monday, June 20, 2011

Finishing up tour memories...

To wrap up these towns...

Stillwater, OK- Katie R. went to visit her college while we pretended to be back in school for a couple days! Used the campus rec center, enjoyed the quad, ate at local thai place for Jess's b-day after walking around forever to find dinner. Show at the theatre where girls were in a classroom, we were in a closet. Went to Eskimo Joe's ladies night before heading to Stonewall Tavern where we all danced outside on picnic tables to weird techno music, met Kevin's friend, Katie Mitchell had a visitor, and I met she-who-shall-not-or-can-not-be-named. Ended up going to a diner late at night, Tavis ran to meet us, Katie M text us and we made a surprise entrance.
Newport, AR- I woke up and had been left on the bus to have to get back to the hotel from the theatre. Katie M.'s parents in town and got us pizza. No dressing rooms and girls got locked in there "room" so we had to hold the house.
Boca Raton (Century Villages)- Stayed in the Hilton for a WEEK and thought we had died and gone to heaven. Lots of pool time, the most infamous dinner, a night out to a bar/club, Deerfield Beach. Performing at the Century Villages was fun because it was like a college event. People yelling during announcements, getting upset they didn't know about intermission, before the shows we played shuffleboard. GIANT mall and publix, Paula Rakestraw came down to see the show in West Palm and Caroline ended up watching backstage because she wasn't of the age limit to be there. Enjoyed the manager's special each night and met the bartender who allowed us to come to their school and use their auditorium for rehearsing our cabaret. Massages at the Boca Beauty School all in one room next to each other ?!?!?!, St. Tropez, great gym in hotel, funny night with Katie M and tech director, Dan.
Sarasota, FL- Performed at the Van Wezel purple theatre, long walk along water and around town. Saw people going to opera, etc. Ate at Mattison's City Grille outside and it was AWESOME. Sold out crowd in huge theatre.
Bunnell, FL- SUPER hot and me and Tavis walked over the overpass and climbed chain link fence to get to Anytime Fitness. Ended up getting Thai food one time and then Katie R's grandparents came down and took us to the Golden Lion Cafe on the beach! Such a fun night where we all got huge piles of seafood with all sorts of legs, tentacles, etc. Performed in our stage manager's really nice high school.
Palm Beach Gardens- Me and Kevin got a rental car and grabbed food at outdoor mall before driving to Delray and checking in on all things cabaret. Plastered the town with flyers, got bearings on the town, met Kevro, etc. Got back and met girls at Barnes and Noble before the show. Chinese provided and we played frisbee outside a lot. Drove that night to...
Belle Glade, FL- We arrived at one of the only hotels in Belle Glade and knew it was going to be a rough night. Who knows what drug deals were going on? Rat poop found in Katie M.'s bed, rooms torn and ripped apart, all scared, uncomfortable, a mess. Ate at Pizza Hut next day and performed at REALLY CUTE Dolly Hand center. Had great food and wonderful crowd that supported us. Just a really long, terrible night staying in Belle Glade. As our pianist says, "Most of Florida is on the water and has a coastline. Then some of Florida doesn't..."
Delray Beach- Stayed on fun strip where we found a good gym, genuine French cafe, hookah bar to enjoy at night. Delray was fun to walk around, eat outside, lobster sandwiches. Really cute old-time theatre there with great crowds. Did our benefit concert at Kevro Art Bar: not a huge crowd, but very supportive and nice. Saw some old passengers from my ship that had seen the show! After the last show there, though, Kevin got really sick. Had to run off stage at the end.
Clearwater, FL- Met G.G. and Grandaddy for a sold out show, the Maddens also came. Tavis went on for Kevin!!! Did incredibly well after he had auditioned in St. Petersburg the morning before and when his mic wasn't working and the crowd started yelling at him! Oh my heck. Played the matinee before Kenny G performed that night. Kev finally started feeling better.
Ft. Peirce, FL- Don't remember hotel. Town was really cute and we ate at a corner restaurant with Nate called Yellowtail Grille. Walked around down to water and Tiki bar, got gelato, played the adorable Sunrise Theatre where we were yelled at for running into the wings that were set wrong. There was literally no stage right wing.
Ft. Lauderdale- Stayed at an extended stay and we went to local Catholic church. Road trip to Miami, South Beach, Jess got us to the main strip, played on beach, ate at Bongo's! Found park and took a run around there, Betsy came and met me and took me to Hollywood Beach for breakfast. Played beautiful Broward Center older theatre where all sorts of stars had played, streamed UK game backstage. Betsy, Lance, and Audrey came to see me there as did the Gershwins. Went out for Kevin's birthday for sushi and then to the Manor and saw all new side of Ft. Lauderdale. Highlight was Humpy's pizza.
Greenwood, SC- Got to see Taylor, Jay and Jonah! Hung out at their house that night and played games, Jonah kept getting sick. Went to do the show and Taylor got sick, couldn't come, but show went fine and we went out after to Chili's with family. On the overnight drive I got really sick as well the entire time. :(
Mahwah, NJ- Stayed at Doubletree, but we all rushed to get on bus and train to NYC. Auditioned for TBTS, hung out and all went back to hotel. Performed in cool theatre with balcony, lunch, etc.
Brooklyn, NY- Stayed in a RIDICULOUS nice hotel with all individual rooms, etc. So fun and went to church at the River for the first time overlooking ground zero. Had good closing in nice, big Brooklyn Perf. Arts Center before being kicked to the curb and heading to my new sublet!

Tour was an amazing experience. I will never forget it, but more than that, I will always have 6 of the best friends I could have ever asked for. There will never be another time where I have more adventures in such a short time with so many people I love so much!!!

Thanks for keeping up!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Back to tour memories and stories!

I hate that I just couldn't keep the blog going for all of the tour of 'S Wonderful. It was truly an amazing experience. I consider those 6 cast members to be some of my closest friends... more like family, really. They are remarkable and that experience, I have come to realize over the last few months is one that will NEVER be replicated in my life. Never again will I be so close to a group of people. Never again will I have as many inside jokes, travel time, or crazy experiences with. In order to let myself remember and continue giving you a little glimpse into this life, I HAVE to go back and write at least a couple sentences on the cities I never blogged about. Some may make zero sense to you, the reader, but to my cast and I... they make all the sense in the world. We last left off at San Francisco and were headed to Arizona via Los Angeles...

Los Angeles- Rented a car and borrowed Kevin's friends car (a convertible with a top that went up even on the interstate). Spent a bit of time checking out Grauman's Chinese theatre, HOLLYWOOD sign, walk of fame, Kodak theatre. Headed down to Orange County to Kevin's house where his parents made an AMAZING dinner and drinks. We sang around the piano (in a perfectly in tune "Happy Birthday" and went swimming. What a fun night! We ended up in Kev's old Halloween costumes. On our way out of Cali our bus driver took our huge bus through In-N-Out! Ha ha!
Yuma, AZ- stayed in a motel where Tavis had a scary run at night. Right on the Mexican border and all that was in town was a courthouse. Got to perform in a crazy space where we had to go outside to get from our "dressing rooms" to "backstage."
Wickenburg, AZ- a really cool wild west town. Took a walking tour around led by Kevin and listened to the statues tell us the history of the town. Enjoyed good Southwest food and fun shops. Beautiful theatre with the NICEST people. The next day we went horseback riding where Kevin ended up on a donkey, we were led on a trail that was far too dangerous for our experience, and Katie Mitchell's horse, "Dixie/aka Sassy", certainly lived up to her name. Ha ha! Katie ended up getting bucked off and almost rolled over. Oh my word. Scary, but AMAZING moment.
Prescott, AZ- We only had a day here, but tried to make the most of it. Stayed in one of the top 20 Best Westerns in the country... we couldn't tell why it made that list. Walked into town and worked out in a cool old gym in an old bank. Enjoyed walking around Whiskey Row. After show went out on Whiskey Row. Had to leave way early in the morning and me and Tavis fought over bathroom. Katie Mitchell's taxi ride was funny that night and waking up with lettuce in the bed from food... Ha ha! OH MY HECK!!!!
Grand Canyon- Next day was Super Bowl and we started the day by stopping at the Grand Canyon. Not feeling well, we still walked a couple miles around the canyon when we realized we didn't have any way to get back, but walk... quickly. Kevin looked over and saw the Canyon spinning, so he sat for a minute. Got back on bus without having lunch and ate our Super Bowl party foods instead. Went through the Vail Pass- one of the dumbest decisions our company made. SOOOOO BAD!!! We got stuck in the snow (Kevin tried to have pizza ordered to the bus while we were stranded) and we ended up being on the bus in the snow with no heat for hours and hours.
Kearney, Nebraska- AKA the tundra of the USA. This was the coldest weather I can ever remember experiencing. We stayed at a hotel with one restaurant next door and that five minute walk was TERRIBLE. Katie Mitchell, Tavis, and I also did a workshop with some kids at the theatre. It was so fun!
Denver, CO- Didn't have a show in Denver, but got to stop over for a couple days. Headed down to Larimer St. and Ted's Montana grill. Then to Katie's house for a great Valentine's dinner by the girls, dance party and slumber party. Woke up and made breakfast with the guys, went to the Y, had dinner that night at Maggiano's.
Durango, CO- Gym next door with class being taught, went to grocery store where they were doing a huge chocolate celebration with TONS of samples. Then walked into town along a nice path by the river. Durango was SO FUN! Great mountain town with TONS of restaurants and shops. Would love to go back there. Caught a bus up to the college to do our show.
Pueblo, CO- Really nice hotel with gorgeous, big gym. Wanted to go to church so badly. Found a good place, but got a nose bleed that WOULDN'T STOP and I literally missed the service. Ended up going somewhere else and met Tavis for an AWESOME Mexican lunch. Show with family and friends and we went out afterwards.
Alamogordo, NM- Just about one of the most dead little towns on tour. Basically one strip where I trekked to Wal-Mart after a gym visit. The show was on a concrete stage with two huge staircases going down to the dressing rooms practically on stage with us. Chocolates were served during the show to celebrate that it was Valentine's Day. Afterward we went to Applebee's to celebrate our "Secret Sweetheart" game with our final gifts.
Kingsville, TX- Stayed a few miles outside of the college campus, but Tavis and I walked the whole way in town to workout at the brand new beautiful gym on campus. Then had a great lunch at a shack restaurant. The show was in a huge, cavernous space with about 30 people scattered around the auditorium. I pulled a muscle in my neck during "American in Paris." When we left the next day for Stillwater, OK we had to pick up our new driver in San Antonio and had to get a blown tire fixed. Great to stop there for a bit and enjoy seeing the Alamo and walking around the riverwalk. MUST go back to San Antonio!!!

I'll continue and finish up very soon!!!